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Anderson Law, P.C. handles a broad range of civil litigation matters for individuals and businesses, plaintiffs, and defendants, including, but not limited to, business and real estate litigation, collections, partnership disputes, bankruptcy litigation, domestic disputes, employment claims and labor (collective bargaining) issues.

We can help with your dispute by providing trained and experienced negotiation or by representing you or your organization in court. We can also assist in the formation of your new business.


If your business is sued or you need to take action to enforce the rights of your business, you’ll need a lawyer to assist you. Anderson Law has the experience to assess your claims or your exposure to liability. With a full risk assessment you will be able to make informed decisions that affect your company. We are particularly adept at anticipating claims and can assist in creating a preventative law program that will protect your business from potential claims against you personally or your company. We will review your company policies, procedures, and handbook and will do our best to shield you from personal exposure.

Potential conflict in business dealings may include supply of goods, services, and delays in delivery. When one side fails to comply with terms of a contract, we are available to take legal action to resolve your contract disputes.

Presently there are numerous bankruptcies filed that have further threatened the ability of a business to survive. Anderson Law can represent your business to recover what funds may be do you either through contesting the bankruptcy, filing a proof of claim, objecting to your claim being discharged, and through adversarial proceedings or other means.


Real estate litigation and disputes can involve an almost endless variety of problems, but most often involve one or more of a few common problems. These problems include:

Anderson Law has successfully litigated numerous real estate issues. These can arise as a result of encroachment, nuisance, adverse possession, partition of interests among numerous property owners, trespass and the like. Buy and sell agreement disputes under land contracts or other creative financing techniques have become more common as buyer/sellers seek unconventional means to conduct real estate transactions. We are well qualified to defend your property rights.


We have represented employers and employees in many types of employment disputes, involving claims such as unpaid wages, unemployment claims, wrongful discharge, illegal discrimination, breach of contract, and the enforceability of covenants not to compete. We have aggressively represented employers in governmental enforcement actions and other interferences.

Our experience in representing both employers and employees provides a well-informed perspective. Our employer clients appreciate the creative ability to find and implement policies and practices that fit their business needs yet fair to their employees. Such an approach is utilized with a view towards protecting both employer and employee from potential claims. We are well prepared to provide “results-driven” representation in negotiation or litigation to reach your desired resolution.


It is an unfortunate reality that families become engaged in litigation; an adversarial process that does little to foster family relationships. Nonetheless the means to secure the necessary orders to protect assets, protect against domestic violence, provide for the best interests of children or dissolve the marital contract are entrenched in the courts. Before undertaking to immediately employ the court system, we explore the underlying causes for the dispute. We assess what can be done to preserve the family, if possible. We explore whether there are alternative dispute remedies that could avoid the emotional and financial costs of courtroom litigation. However, when courtroom litigation is necessary such as with a restraining order we are well prepared to take your case to trial and appeal if necessary.


120 West Apple Ave
Muskegon, MI 49440

Phone: (231) 727-2118